Top Prep Schools Look Toward Your Child’s Future

Top Prep Schools Look Toward Your Child’s Future

Top Prep Schools Prepare Students for Higher Learning


Preparatory schools focus not only on helping students achieve the necessary grades to get into their university of choice, but also on giving them the proper tools to help them succeed once they are there.  Finer prep schools foster strong study habits to prepare students for academic challenges -- and work to equip them for upcoming life challenges.


How Prep Schools Support Academic Achievement


Many parents wonder how a private prep school differs from a public school with regard to academic preparation. This varies from school to school, of course, but here are a few of the innovative ways that finer Toronto prep schools work to prepare their students for their university days:

·       Assessment.Most prep schools feature smaller class sizes than public schools. This means that students get more individual attention, and have more opportunity to participate in discussions and activities. It also means that teachers are better able to assess where a student stands with regard to mastery of each subject, and what learning styles work best for him/her. This allows teachers to make recommendations about homework support, or to adjust teaching techniques to maximize a student’s learning potential.

·       Homework Support. The best prep schools in Toronto offer a variety of ways to support the completion of homework. Teachers at Toronto Prep, for example, make themselves available to help students for an hour before classes begin. The school also runs a supervised after-school study club, and a Saturday study group. Many students find that working in these supported environments helps them to better understand and complete homework assignments.

·       Tutoring. In many prep and private schools, on-site tutoring is available to students during the school day. Appointments with a tutor can be booked during a spare or study period, or after school. Tutoring aims to help students identify the important features of course material, develop strategies for learning, to provide supplemental help, and to answer questions that students may have.

·       Homework Portal. Many schools also provide a detailed online site that lists any assignments and their due dates. This helps students keep track of requirements for their classes, and to better manage their time.

·       Guidance.Better prep schools have excellent guidance departments that help students choose a career path, and to select courses they need to meet university requirements. Guidance personnel can also help students with personal problems or conflict resolution, and to learn skills in these areas.


The Prep School Advantage


In addition to academic support, many prep schools offer arts, science, and sports extra-curricular activities, which support creativity, sportsmanship, a healthy lifestyle, and independence. These types of activities also foster friendships that can last a lifetime. Prep schools also pride themselves on promoting strong values with regards to academics and personal responsibility. 


The high school years can be challenging ones for students. Prep schools are designed to help young people cope with difficulties, and rise to meet their challenges. If you want your child to have the best available high school experience, consider all of the advantages of Toronto-area prep schools.

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